FULL COLOR LED DISPLAY PRODUCER # ٨٨٦٥٨٢٥٨ - ٨٨٦٥٨٢٥٩# تلويزيون شهري
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Stage LED display

                                                LED Stage display

A creative & state of the art LED ground plate that you can walk on


Press to Impress: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications of LED stage floors.
Die-cast aluminum modules can seamlessly create even the largest floor configurations.
DigiFloor modules are able to handle weights up to that of a small car.
Specialized filtering processes eliminates moiré patterns (image artifacts)
16 bit grayscale processing & pixel correction techniques ensures image quality.


 Recommended LED display screen models:

  Indoor models: P4 P5 P6 P7.62 P8 P10

  Outdoor models:P10 P12 P16 P20 P25